About the Founder

Fat Gaucho Wines, LLC was created by Carlos Candal, esq., an American Argentinean attorney based in New Haven, CT. His passion for wine and strong family ties to Argentina allowed him to experience the many amazing wines that Argentina has to offer. Carlos was inspired to share the tastes of Argentina and continue a family tradition of selling wines from Mendoza which dates back to the turn of the century when his great-grandfather Vicente Candal, a successful merchant who first discovered the exceptional wines from that region and sold them in Buenos Aires.

Introducing Fat Gaucho Wines:

Specializing in wines from Argentina, Fat Gaucho, has successfully located the region’s most enticing and full flavored wines at incredibly reasonable prices. The aim is to affordably unveil to wine consumers the tastes that make Argentina’s wines special and unique. Fat Gaucho has an assorted collection of wines from Argentina and has included some reserves for the purpose of engaging wine consumers with a more refined palette. Taking care to select the flavors that allow any consumer to fully experience the aromas and zests that are the essence of Argentina, it is very clear why Fat Gaucho Wines represent the pride of The Pampas.

Tel:  203-937-2270

Email:  fatgauchowines@gmail.com